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PostHeaderIcon Add a luxurious look with marble mosaic tiles

Marble mosaic tiles are in crazy vogue with home decoration by the recent trend. Their versatility makes them so popular. Marble mosaic tiles and slabs could be used anywhere in the house like the kitchen, bathroom, pathway, patio, terrace, living space that is to say anywhere. Their entry to the market was noted with high prices but with passing time and growing popularity, prices have come down to a reasonable extent.

If you want your house to have that classy luxurious look even on budget, marble mosaic is the perfect option for you. Numerous particles of different colors add such a beautiful feel to your home that you would not ever regret your choice. Varied patterns and easy maintenance is another reason of its popularity. Made of hardy material that is marble, these tiles are efficient to withstand weight and moisture. Just be cautious of spilling the floor with acidic substances and mosaic will be the feel of your abode.

PostHeaderIcon How to clean your glass counter tops?

Glass counter tops have made a place in the market these days. They are in great demand among the people as a home décor accessory or as essential equipment. They have a beautiful appearance and you can even carve various designs on them according to your taste. But then you have to maintain them properly or they may not look good. Proper and regularized cleaning of the glass counter tops is a must.

You have to make use of good branded glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the glass top. You have to very careful while cleaning because the glass is very sensitive and if you are careless for just a single moment then the glass top may simply break. Also you have to keep in mind that you have to clean the top twice. Because after washing for the first time any water on the glass top will leave a mark on it. So cleaning it the second time with a dry cloth will ensure fool proof cleaning.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate a long hallway

Do you want to deck up your hallway? Are you tired of the boring look of your hallway? Well you can try to decorate your hallway and make the place look lively. A long hallway can be decorated in different styles. You can borrow some designs or make use of your own creativity to make your hallway look beautiful. Long narrow hallways should be designed carefully to give it the desired look. Make use of colorful wallpapers and lighting effects. Try to select light pastel color which will widen up your narrow hallway. A series of hanging lamps will look splendid. You can place a stunning carpet in the narrow hallway. You can even try shelving or decorate the walls with family picture frames. The hallway wall should be used in the best possible way. You can put a mirror or an exquisite piece of artwork at the end of the hallway.


PostHeaderIcon How to give your dining room a white hued décor

Dining room is a place where you meet with your family over meals and you would definitely want to give a beautiful look to the room. Design your dining room the way it would enhance the ambience and look of the room. Light cool hues can work wonders for your dining room giving an elegant look to it. A white hued décor will bring that divine look to your dining place and calms down your mood. Light color makes the room look bigger and opens up the room much more.

If you want to experiment more and simple white is boring for you then you can use monochromatic motif. Decorate the place with exquisite piece of furniture and show pieces to bring that perfect final look. A beautiful crystal or silver finished chandelier over the dining table will compliment the white hued décor of the dining room. Choose appropriate dinnerware so that they match with the look of the room.


PostHeaderIcon Tibetan area rugs for your living room

Rugs and carpets have the tendency to make a house look and feel very comfortable and classy. Investing in a rug for the living room or the bedroom is a great idea. Tibetan rugs are a rage these days and they have been around for centuries. Original Tibetan rugs are hand woven intricately to present a skillfully designed and woven carpet or rug.

They are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you wish to spend a little less, you can go online and buy them off discount coupons. Also, check out online and local auctions and flea markets for a better bargain. Hand woven rugs are delicate so cleaning them should be done by professionals. There are special Tibetan and Persian rug cleaners in every locality. Every 3 to 4 month you should take your carpets and rugs for cleaning there.

PostHeaderIcon Save money with LED lights

In today’s world people are busy saving money for the future then why not start from home. In today’s time we are so engrossed in our home décor that we forget that on the one hand we work day and night so that we can save lump sum money and on the other hand we buy inexpensive designer light bulb which consumes hefty electricity as well our money.

Believe it or not but the best to put a check to your never ending electricity bill is by the introduction of LED light. These light save you a huge amount of money. You can buy the light and can stay assured for years to come. A normal bulb runs for 1200-1400hrs and a CFL runs for 1000hrs but with led lights you can light for not less than 40000hrs. Therefore there are number of reasons for why you should switch on to LED lights.

PostHeaderIcon 5 destination inspired décor for your living room

Living room is an important part of your house where you can spend a nice cosy time with your family and friends. Living room should be decorated in a way that it makes you feel at home. You can select a theme based on your lifestyle, taste and preference. The latest fashion is to decorate your living room with destination inspired themes. You need to design accordingly in order to bring that exact required look to your living room. Here are 5 destination inspired look we are recommending for your living room.

  • Ocean themed room – is the most popular theme. It brings that oceanic feeling straight in to your living room.
  • Vegas styled room – use Vegas as the source of inspiration.
  • Coastal styled room – play with the colors and recycle materials to give that coastal look to your room.
  • Classic southern styled
  • Party themed room



PostHeaderIcon Carpet cleaning alternatives

If you have carpets in your home it’s important you get it a regular cleaning for proper maintenance. Now, yes a professional cleaning always is really costly and hence here is an idea on some good carpet cleaning alternatives.

First of all you have ammonia. It’s a very inexpensive cleaning agent that could easily defeat any commercial carpet cleansing medium in the market. Ammonia should be mixed with water for cleaning and the good part is that it doesn’t have any side kicks. The other one is vinegar which comes with a cleaning property. Vinegars can smoothly clean up the fabric and would work perfectly well to remove off the carpet stains. What more the vinegar would even remove all the disturbing odors from the carpet.

Another viable option is the vacuum cleaner. The carpets should be vacuumed regularly with wide and straight strokes to free them from the allergens and dust perfectly.

PostHeaderIcon Turn your bathroom into a spa with simple tips

There are a few things that you will certainly need for turning your bathroom into a spa. One such item is a showerhead. There are many varieties in the market and some of them are dual headed. Try to choose one with a bigger diameter so that the water may feel like pouring rain. You have to go for a stone flooring for the bathroom for the spa look. You should choose natural stones, as they are quite perfect for the standing showers. Your feet would also be relaxed if you go for natural stone flooring.

Another thing that you might want for the spa bathroom is a whirlpool attachment. You should collect the accessories of the tub in order to turn it into a cool Jacuzzi. A nice way of turning the bathroom into a spa is to install glass doors for the shower. Heat could be trapped by these doors and you could have an experience of a sauna.

PostHeaderIcon Custom designed chandeliers for a glam décor

In the process of decorating a large living room, chandeliers deserve special attention because of their elegant lighting abilities and grandeur look. Get proper knowledge about custom designed chandeliers and while choosing so, specify each and every feature distinctly. What type of look would you like for your home, antique and eclectic or modern and glamorous, choose according to your preferences to match with the home décor. Colors and size of crystals, cut of the glass, wattage and size of bulbs to be used, everything can be decided by you.

A custom designed chandelier gives your room a focal point and draws the attention of every guest in your home. Try to work with reputed contractors while designing your own chandelier and factor all the costs involved in your budget plan. Special light effects create a different ambience in your house that makes you feel different from others. Custom made chandeliers are thus great to put your ideas into effect.

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