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PostHeaderIcon Chimney cleaning essentials

Chimney cleaning tips, home careChimneys serve the most used part of a house, the kitchen. It gives vent to all the heat and dirt forming from cooking to the smoke pipe. It functions by fanning in the smoke, dust, oil and form flue in the pipe way to the vent on the top of the house. With growing use of chimneys in kitchens to keep the house smoke free, chimney cleaning services are sought for. This flue is the hardest to clean while cleaning a chimney. There are a few things you should keep in handy while preparing to clean the chimney.

• Two canvas drop clothes to gather the soot and keep the mess at one place.

• Cleaning brush with extendable rods to reach out deep into the vent.

• A vacuum cleaner with heap filter.

• A good quality ladder that will help you reach the roof without making you topple over the dirt accumulated on the floor.

PostHeaderIcon Mesh pool fence for that something extra

Mesh pool fence, pool fenceIf you have a pool then it is advisable that you also install a pool fence, as it is great for privacy and safety. If the company you made the pool from does not include the pool fence in the quote, it is advisable to contact a company that makes fences and get it installed. A pool fence is very effective for preventing children and pets from accidentally straying into the pool when no one is around to supervise.

One of the most popular designs of pool fence in the market is a mesh pool fence. If you would like to install a mesh fence around your pool, then you should look for certain features in the mesh pool fence. The gate of the mesh pool fence should have self latching and self closing mechanism with a spring lock in it and the latch should be placed above the reach of your toddler. The fence should also be high enough.

PostHeaderIcon White porcelain tiles for your kitchen

White porcelain tiles, kitchen tiles optionsPorcelain tiles are made by a blend of Kaolin and ground minerals like Feldspar. The materials are fried in high temperature that makes it more dense and hard than other materials like ceramic. They can resist frost and moisture as the high temperature takes the water content away from them. The surface of the porcelain tiles is glazed and they are resistant to thermal changes of abrupt nature and scratches.

Therefore they can be a very economic choice for the materials of your indoors. White porcelain tiles are a very good option for youth indoors. They are durable and they look very elegant. The tiles are manufactures in a number of countries. Some of the leading manufacturers of porcelain tiles are Turkey, Italy, Spain and China. They can be used for countertops, backsplashes, ceilings, walls and also fountains. Therefore, if you are looking for a material to do the indoors of your house, you should go with white porcelain tiles.

PostHeaderIcon 5 ways to glam up your home using mirrors

Decorate home with mirrors, home decor accessoriesWant to add a glamorous touch to your home? Well, then all you need to do is use out of the box and innovative ideas like mirror decoration. Yes you can make your home look really sparkling and gorgeous with mirrors, provided you use it at the right place. First way is by placing a giant size mirror in your bedroom which may or may not be attached to a dressing table.

Second way is by placing a mirror in the living room. But the mirror has to be of any unusual shape like oval, round or even square. It should be framed well with some art work done altogether. Next you can use well cut glass mirrors which have some design engraved on them. Place them on the wall as a wall decal. You can also use mirrors in the window panes. Finally, coloured mirrors are very popular these days and you can also use them at various places like doors, wall etc as a piece of décor.

PostHeaderIcon How to furnish your guest room beautifully

Furniture for guest room, home decor tipsBe it hotels for the middle class but it is the desire of every person to impress the guests. When people go through hotels and narrow down their options to surmise on a particular hotel they go by three criteria. The first one definitely is the price, as most people have a budget boundary. The second one is the location – to check if travelling to and fro is facilitated. The third one being the appearance, which is how well furnished the guest room, is.

Therefore it is imperative for all to make the guest room as appealing as possible.
First things first – Basic toilet, washroom, are the must have things. They should be well maintained and most importantly clean. Apart from this the bed sheets, duvets, chairs along with a good room service must also be present as these are nowadays a necessity too. Now the next set of things depends on the level of the hotels like television, laptops, mobile chargers, writing desk, fireplace, piano player. It is the duty of the hotel owners to ensure these amenities in order to narrow down choice of the customers or guests.

PostHeaderIcon Pro and cons of flat roofs

Install flat roof, roofing ideasDo you want to install flat roofs in your new home? Well, flat roofs have become a viable option for a lot of homeowners. They are horizontal but might have a slight incline. However, if you are planning to install the flat roof, you need to know about its pros and cons. Cost is one of the biggest advantage of flat roofs. It is far less expensive than pitched roofs and since its installation is easy you spend less on labor as well.

Flat roof offers more usable space. If you install flat roof, the interior ceiling can be extended. Extra support is provided by flat roofs. As far as the disadvantages of the flat roofs are concerned, they are quite high maintenance. The flat roofs have shorter lifespan as well and last for a maximum of ten years. Flat roofs absorb heat and this might make your home uncomfortably hot.

PostHeaderIcon How much will a loft conversion cost?

Loft conversion costing, loft conversionHome remodeling and redecorating is something which everyone should do to keep the home interesting and fun at all times. The same old environment may tend to get boring after a while. Loft conservations are very much in trend these days and the options available are plenty. The cost depends mostly upon the size of the loft and the material used. Additional installing and decoration costs may be included. The costs vary from place to place as well depending upon labor charges in each company and area.

The basic structure, the roomflight or the dormer and the ensiute are the main aspects of loft conservation. Have a talk with your construction manager and carpenter talking about each of these aspects separately. The structural calculations need to be done by a professional for maximum safety and finish. You can even choose the color and patterns from online websites and take ideas from home improvement and interior décor magazines.

PostHeaderIcon Fix a leaky pipe

Tips to fix pipe leakage, home plumbingPipe leak is a very normal thing in the household. Whenever you find a leakage in any pipe you run here and there for the plumbers to fix it up. But you can easily fix it on yourself if you follow few things. The first thing is to detect how severe the leakage is. Depending on that you should take the proper steps. Well if the pipe is a very small one you can easily fix it up by the use of silicon water resistant tape. They are quite resistant to corrosion and can easily prevent the leakage for some time.

There are many types of other anti leakage products available using the application of which you can easily mix up in right proportion and apply on the leakage to prevent it. However, if the problem is a serious one which you can’t fix it up on your own, you can stop the leakage temporarily and call an expert.

PostHeaderIcon Home maintenance: Where to begin

Home maintenance tips, home careAre you planning to start up with your home maintenance and are stuck with where to start and how to go about it? Are the simplest of problems increasing your headache? If yes then let me tell you home maintenance is not a one day task. It is an ongoing process which starts from the day you begin to bother till eternity. You can do away with it or avoid it. The best way is to learn to live with it. Everything that has been installed at your home will require maintenance whether it is a light bulb, television, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, marble tiles, walls pipes and downspouts etc.

The best way to begin this process is hunt down the problems of the areas of your home that you use the most. Like checking the lights of the rooms, look for trouble in kitchen or bathroom appliances, lookout signs of any leakages that require professional plumbing, cracks on doors and windows, check whether your decks, patios and porches require resealing. Make a list of all the things that need to be repaired and work on each of them one by one. This shall enhance your troubleshooting skills and ensure the maintenance of your personal dwelling.

PostHeaderIcon Picking the perfect countertop for your kitchen

Kitchen countertop, kitchen decorThe kitchen is a place which requires a great amount of attention while it is being built. Use of perfect materials in your kitchen will make it look better. The total job requires a high amount of selection criteria. The most important decision that you will need to make is of selecting the perfect counter top. Counter tops are the surface that is used the most in a kitchen. As it is used the most you would need to select a counter top that is easy to maintain as well as good looking.

You have the three most used options for selecting a counter top. First is the marble file. This is the most widely used counter top as it looks good and can also handle any type of stress. You can also go for a glass counter top. Glass looks good as tops. It sometimes can get scratches and thus maintaining it can be difficult. The last choice is wood counter top. Wood always looks good but can never be maintained easily. Buying good wood counter top can also be expensive so select your top efficiently.

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