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PostHeaderIcon Eco friendly bathroom flooring option

Eco friendly bathroom flooring, bathroom flooringEnvironmentally friendly flooring is today’s trend. Most of them are building or remodeling their homes in an eco friendly manner. Here are some types of eco friendly options for flooring.

They are

• Linoleum
• Hardwood
• Cork
• Glass ceramic tiles

Linoleum: It contains linseed oil. This linseed oil prevents bacterial growth. It is cheap and eco friendly option. Linoleum is the best flooring in kitchen and bathroom. These tiles are free from scratch and it is a long lasting tiles. This will give you clean and dirt free bathroom.

Hardwood: Hardwood like Bamboo is not the worst option for flooring. Bamboo is a long lasting wood. It is resistant to water and moisture. Bamboo can be re harvested easily.

Cork: Cork is natural resistance of water. It can be used as a bathroom flooring. It is also an eco friendly material for flooring.

Glass ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are also a good option for flooring. It is not easily damaged by water. Ceramic flooring comes in different colors and designs.

PostHeaderIcon How to prepare a home renovation checklist

home renovation checklist, home renovationOur house is very important to us. Home renovation becomes necessary in order to maintain our house. All of us do some forms of home renovations so that our home becomes a healthy place to live in. Some people give emphasis on the interior look of the house while some others give importance on the external design of their homes. Before doing home renovation, proper planning is to be done. People should do adequate research and try to do renovation within their budget.

A list should be prepared – list of items that require renovation should be made. People can browse through internet or books and magazines and try to gather relevant information on home renovation. People can even talk with friends or relatives and know about their experiences. Estimates should be made. People can hire professionals who will definitely guide them with ideas and costs. Through proper renovation, one can enjoy living in his/her home.

PostHeaderIcon Budget friendly home renovation tips

Home renovation, home improvement tipsYour home is a very important place and how you do up the house speaks a lot about you as a character. Therefore, it is very important that you take care of your house in the best possible. Home renovation is a very important thing that you have to take care of but it does not have to be a very expensive affair all the time.

There are a lot of ways in which you can turn your house into something beautiful that would not involve a lot of money. All you need for it is some creativity. With the creative ideas and a little bit of hard work, the desired results can be achieved without much of a problem. There are a lot of designs and ideas that are available over the World Wide Web and they can be very useful in this regard. If you are looking for some instruction for repairing, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of video tutorials that you can resort to.

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