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PostHeaderIcon How to install an interior stone wall?

stone wall decor, home decorAn interior stone wall in your house will really look great and attractive. You can install the stone walls all on your own if you follow a few simple tips. The stone wall can successfully be installed directly on a brick or concrete wall. But with wooden wall or drywalls an extra layer of tar paper has to be pasted on the wall first following certain specifications before you can install the stone wall successfully. Make sure you wear gloves on your hands will preparing baker for installing the stone wall.

Preparation of the surface before place the stone wall is very important and should be done carefully. The mortar should be prepared with perfect proportion of materials. The shape and sizes of the stones should be selected carefully to install them perfectly. Place the larger stones first and then cut the stones of required shapes and sizes to install in the larger ones.
The grouting is also a very important thing and you should pay proper attention to it. Don’t leave any gaps in between the joints as it may look odd and dust will accumulate in these gaps making them look even uglier.

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