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windowAt the time of designing the home structure, the homeowners often discuss about the windows which are to be installed in the home. They prefer of different and stylish windows in the home which will increase the look as well as will supply with the benefits of windows in the home. There are different types and structures of windows available in the market and it is on the home owners how they want to install and of what structure, style, and materials it must be prepared of. There are different types of windows like casement window, fixed window; awning window, etc are available in the market to be installed in the home with the help of the window fitter. This article will help you to ascertain about which types of window installation will be suitable in your home and what measures should be taken while installing the window in your home.

Types of Windows:

  • Casement Window:

This window is the most installed window in the homes of the people because it is easy and simple to install in the home and it will required less of materials in the installation of the window at your home. This window is placed and installed on the right or the left side of the wall which the home owners want to be located. It opens on the outer side of the window accompanied with the handle. The main benefit of casement window is it provides with the excellent ventilation which helps the interiors to be cooled and the temperature is maintained of the home.


  • Fixed Window:

For those home owners who wish to have the fixed and pictured window, fixed window is the best option to be exercised by the home owners to install the window in their home. This window is fixed permanently and does not get open but it supply with transparent glass which does not obstruct the view of outside from the home. The advantage of installing fixed window in home is it is absolutely airtight which brightens the home and does not allow the air to be blow in the home.


  • Awning Home:

The awning window is similar to that of the casement window but with some different specification in the structure which increase the show as well as the benefits of the window. The window opens in upward direction which can protect the home from rain as the window is opened in the top direction and provides with obstructing the warm air of the temperature to enter the home. It is also accompanied with the demerit of proper ventilation in the home and the attic arena.


  • Gliding Window:

This window is supplied with sliding and moving panels which helps the window to be slide from one direction to other direction. Gliding window is the new window which is customized in the market and it can be easily installed in the homes with the help of the window fitters in the market. The main advantage of installing it in the homes id it provides with the large evacuation as compared to other windows. Gliding windows can be easily installed in the stairs or the walking arena because it does not opens and it only slides which saves the area on which it is installed in the home.

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