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Palm Tree At HomeDate palm trees are unique and potentially an amazing indoor plant. Date palm adds elegance and tropical air to the decor. When it comes to date palm trees, it persuades to think of them as purely tropical plants. Proper sunlight and loads of water will make them okay.

If you want a vigorous date palm then you need to take care of them. This is true in indoors particularly in tropical and subtropical gardens. Date palms are rich in vitamin A, C iron, calcium, phosphorus magnesium copper. Due to its high source of nutrient content it is used to refurbish health to the weak and feeble ones.

Date palms provide relief from colds and sore throat, fever, bronchial asthma, counteracting alcohol intoxication, poisonous effect by applying date paste onto the poisonous area. To get relieve from intestinal problem, throat and chest infections. The gum which comes from the date trunk is used to treat diarrhea and genituonary ailments. The date palm tree root is used to take care of toothaches.

The date seeds are grounded into paste to care for skin allergy and ague. Mix the powdered date seeds in your coffee and other drinks and it will help to ease gout pains. Date flower is also successful in market.

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