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PostHeaderIcon Picking the perfect shades for shower

bathroom decor, bathroomAre you planning a new facelift for your shower? Well, a bathroom makeover starts with a fresh coat of paint always. If you are confused on what colors to pick for your bathroom, the following post will come handy.
Yellow would be a nice choice for the bathroom all thanks to its fresh cheerful effect. A light yellow bathroom will set the right energizing mood before you go out for office after a fresh morning shower. Moreover, yellow color is complementary to the brown wooden cabinets you have in the wash chamber.

Then, you can also go for blue as the blue shade is known to induce a beautifully tranquil feel. It’s needed to create a relaxing ambience where you will wind up after a long tiring day. The other option is sage green. Light pink is also preferred as a good bathroom color. Try to avoid warmer shades here.

PostHeaderIcon Bathroom vanity closet details

Vanity cabinets, bathroom furnitureA bathroom is incomplete without a good vanity closet. Vanity cabinets have been used for several years and there have been many changes brought about over the past years. When it comes to the décor and design of the cabinet, you can go for a vintage type cabinet. Here the cabinets have frameworks which have intricate detailing in gold or bronze colors. Many years ago, vanity cabinets were made to hide pipes. But nowadays these have been made to be the centre of attraction of the bathroom.

There are some components which are necessary in a vanity cabinet. In built wall cabinets are the best. They save up a lot of space and they also are very neat and compact. Make sure that there are separate shelves for each cabinet where you can keep your medication, cosmetics and toiletries. It is always a good idea to be organized and well sorted out.

PostHeaderIcon How to create your own wet room

Tips to create a wet room, wet roomA wet room is a room where one can take a bath and not worry about wetting the entire bathroom. While modern and highly functional wet rooms are available in the market and most of them will burn a hole in your pocket, you can take some time out and design your own wet room. Here are a few tips that will help you:

• Look for unused areas in your house or inside your bathroom. Use up this space and turn it into a wet room, there is no need to a large space, in fact narrow spaces are the best.
• Tile up the walls. Your wet room is going to be wet; the best way to protect the walls and give it the ultimate wet room feel is by tiling up the walls.
• The flooring of the wet room will need attention. Make sure that the floor is tiled with a good quality tile that does not spoil under the constant water.
• Central drainage is important.

PostHeaderIcon Turn your bathroom into a spa with simple tips

There are a few things that you will certainly need for turning your bathroom into a spa. One such item is a showerhead. There are many varieties in the market and some of them are dual headed. Try to choose one with a bigger diameter so that the water may feel like pouring rain. You have to go for a stone flooring for the bathroom for the spa look. You should choose natural stones, as they are quite perfect for the standing showers. Your feet would also be relaxed if you go for natural stone flooring.

Another thing that you might want for the spa bathroom is a whirlpool attachment. You should collect the accessories of the tub in order to turn it into a cool Jacuzzi. A nice way of turning the bathroom into a spa is to install glass doors for the shower. Heat could be trapped by these doors and you could have an experience of a sauna.

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