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PostHeaderIcon 4 Tips of Cleaning your Laminated Floors

Cleaning-Laminate-FlooringInstalling laminated flooring in your home is considered to be one of the god options which the home owners must go for because it is considered to be amongst the best flooring option which you can go for installing it in your home. But only installing and placing at your home is not considered to be important but you must know about different tips which can help you in the matters of cleaning your laminated floors which you have installed in your home. Well, there are many different ways which can help you in going for the process of cleaning your laminated floors. Not only that but you might be thinking that cleaning your laminated floors would be hard and complex enough to go with but certainly it is not at all like that.

The further information will help you in getting the knowledge of the tips of cleaning your laminated floors which you need to go for at the time of going for the process. There are many things which can help you in the matters of cleaning your laminated floors at your home like you must avoid using or sweeping up your laminated floors, not using much of liquid for your laminated floors, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important tips which you need to comply with at the time of going for cleaning your laminated floors at your home.

Tips of cleaning your laminated floors

  1. Well, if you will ask me than I will definitely help you out with the matters of going for cleaning your laminated floors which is considered to be in the benefits of the home owners only. So the further tips which is going to be helpful to you when you are complying with the process too.
  2. The first thing which the home owners must go for avoiding is sweeping up your laminated floors which are being installed in your home. Well, if you are thinking of going for the broom for your floors than mark my words you are going in a wrong decision because laminated flooring is considered to be having modern technology and for that your need to go for dry dust mops which are easily available in the market.
  3. The broom will result in to leaving back the unwanted dust particles which you can observe while the dry dust free mops will help you in taking off all the particles which are being observes in your home. Not only that but if you are using liquid for cleaning your laminated floors at your home than you must stop that.
  4. Cleaner contains chemicals which are considered to be not good for the flooring which is installed in your home and it will result in getting fatigue of your floors. So you need to go for checking up and not making the use of more of the cleaner which is considered to be harmful for your laminates floors which are installed in your home.


PostHeaderIcon Eco friendly bathroom flooring option

Eco friendly bathroom flooring, bathroom flooringEnvironmentally friendly flooring is today’s trend. Most of them are building or remodeling their homes in an eco friendly manner. Here are some types of eco friendly options for flooring.

They are

• Linoleum
• Hardwood
• Cork
• Glass ceramic tiles

Linoleum: It contains linseed oil. This linseed oil prevents bacterial growth. It is cheap and eco friendly option. Linoleum is the best flooring in kitchen and bathroom. These tiles are free from scratch and it is a long lasting tiles. This will give you clean and dirt free bathroom.

Hardwood: Hardwood like Bamboo is not the worst option for flooring. Bamboo is a long lasting wood. It is resistant to water and moisture. Bamboo can be re harvested easily.

Cork: Cork is natural resistance of water. It can be used as a bathroom flooring. It is also an eco friendly material for flooring.

Glass ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are also a good option for flooring. It is not easily damaged by water. Ceramic flooring comes in different colors and designs.

PostHeaderIcon An account on installing floor laminate

floor laminate, install floor laminateLaminates have always been a better alternative for wood flooring requiring less cost, and none of nailing, sanding, staining and polishing. It’s also scratch and dent resistant. Laminating one of your several rooms won’t take up much of your time. Due to its easy installing, you can do it all by yourself and change the look of room, making it more attractive.

Laminates are sensitive to areas where moisture and temperatures are high, so it’s a bad idea to install laminates in the bathroom and laundry room floors. Assure the floor surface is flat and uniform. You should start placing the planks one after the other and while reaching the end, cut out the right sized piece of plank and place it. Install each plank by placing the shorter end of the plank into the other and press it down. Make sure that the last row looks similar to the first one; otherwise it will be the odd one out.

The installation does need some time, planning and patience, which leads to a great finished flooring.

PostHeaderIcon Polishing solid hardwood floor

Tips to polish hardwood floors, hardwood floorHardwood floors are extremely easy to polish and require much less maintenance for a long time. The most effective way to clean hardwood floors is using a damp mop. You must remove all the dust from the surface of the floor prior to mopping. You can use soft brooms to clean out the dust from the surface or a vacuum cleaner would be much more effective. The mopping process is easy as well; you mop, then rinse and repeat the process, that’s all. This way you can remove the dirt and grit from the hardwood floors. Besides, you get hardwood floor cleansers but using a neutral cleanser would suffice as it has a balanced level of pH level. You also need to make sure that the hardwood floor is sealed properly prior to mopping. Don’t use water in case there are worn out patches because the liquid might penetrate inside the wood.

PostHeaderIcon Hardwood or natural stone flooring: which is finer pick?

Hardwood flooring, flooringIt is a tough choice between hardwood floors and natural stone floorings since both are known to increase the appeal of the floor and room, and are long lasting. Both have their pros and cons, and choice depends on what you wish to compromise on. Stone flooring would require a bit of less effort in maintenance as compared to hardwood floors, and they do not easily get worn.

Hardwood floors get easily stained, but the natural stones are usually stained resistive. The cost that you would have to bear with installation of natural stone flooring would be a tad less than hardwood floor installation. Look wise both these floor materials are a class apart, though natural stones have a sophisticated look which is very unique and attractive. You also need to think whether which flooring would compliment your home design and interiors. Both these flooring options are good and widely used.

PostHeaderIcon Add a luxurious look with marble mosaic tiles

Marble mosaic tiles are in crazy vogue with home decoration by the recent trend. Their versatility makes them so popular. Marble mosaic tiles and slabs could be used anywhere in the house like the kitchen, bathroom, pathway, patio, terrace, living space that is to say anywhere. Their entry to the market was noted with high prices but with passing time and growing popularity, prices have come down to a reasonable extent.

If you want your house to have that classy luxurious look even on budget, marble mosaic is the perfect option for you. Numerous particles of different colors add such a beautiful feel to your home that you would not ever regret your choice. Varied patterns and easy maintenance is another reason of its popularity. Made of hardy material that is marble, these tiles are efficient to withstand weight and moisture. Just be cautious of spilling the floor with acidic substances and mosaic will be the feel of your abode.

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