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mansard roof..Roofing styles differ from each other. They can be only placed and constructed on the homes which are suitable for that roofing. Many different methods are prevailed in roofing which has grounded its growth in the construction field. Mansard roofing is another type of roofing method which is very famous for historical buildings. Mansard roofing is also known as curb roof. it has unique structure, it has four sides in roof and windows are punctured in the roof for ventilation in the attic area inside the roof. Mansard roof consist of two surfaces one is at the upper side which is not sloppy but is steeped and other sides are attested to it for the support. This structure clears the issues of heighted roofs.

The structure of mansard roof is such that you cannot see the upper roof clearly, it is noticed when the person gets near to the building or house where it is installed. Mansard roof are considered to be the ancient roofing methods which are been in roots since 17th century. Mansard roofing was considered as style signature in earlier times. This roofing method is more seen in Europe. Mansard roof facilitates with more storage places in the roof because of its structure and design. No supportary back up is required for mansard roofing because it can sustain on the structure itself.

As it provides with more number or spaces to install windows in it, it can be useful in maintaining the temperature in the attic of the roof and can be useful for reducing the energy consumption of the building or the home where it is installed. Mansard roof has less height so there are less possibilities of damaging the roof by heavy rainfall, storm or snow. It has no gable in the construction. Mansard roof was taken into practical installation in older times because in earlier time the rich families could afford installing it because it provided spacious attic and window region and also was useful in keeping the things which was heighted in nature.

Now days mansard roofs are installed in buildings, restaurants, antic places which gives a beautiful elegance to the place where it is installed. Mansard roof can be also constructed in different patterns and colors because many changes have upgraded into the installing of mansard roof. The windows installed in the roof gives an elegant look to the roofs of the building where it is constructed.

This style of roofing is found in French and American states. Mansard roof has two different slopes the downward slopes are sloppy and the upper slopes are steeped. This roofing is fire resistant and gives shelter to the home from wind, water, storms ,etc. the installation of mansard roof is more expensive as compared to other roofing method because it needs more of materials and concentration at the time of constructing it. The life of mansard roof is more and it can sustain to even fifty years or more than that. The maintenance cost of it is more because it is an ancient concept of roofing and it not maintained on a regular interval than there are possibilities of damage that will cost more than expected.

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