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PostHeaderIcon Tuscan style decorating – 5 essential included

Tuscan style, Tuscan décorAre you planning to decorate your home in little Tuscan style and are confused from where to start, well then here is a little help for you whereby sharing certain interesting ideas and details about the Tuscan style.

Let’s start with color because it’s the basis of your entire look. Most of the colors of Tuscan style is basically bold strong and derived from the color of nature for example olive green from trees, sky or the color of Earth or Sky or the golden color which signifies the color of bright summer day or orange, blue, ochre, umber, dark red and so on.

Mix these colors with any secondary color you like to give an extra royal effect. Flax finished, textured paints, Venetian plaster are some good options for your wall in Tuscan style. Consider your wall as a canvas. Decorate your wall and window pane with effective art work. You might give iron boundaries to your accessories and or hang tapestries. Decorating your wall with mirrors is also a good option. Frescoes and mural can also a good decorative item.

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