PostHeaderIcon Hardwood or natural stone flooring: which is finer pick?

Hardwood flooring, flooringIt is a tough choice between hardwood floors and natural stone floorings since both are known to increase the appeal of the floor and room, and are long lasting. Both have their pros and cons, and choice depends on what you wish to compromise on. Stone flooring would require a bit of less effort in maintenance as compared to hardwood floors, and they do not easily get worn.

Hardwood floors get easily stained, but the natural stones are usually stained resistive. The cost that you would have to bear with installation of natural stone flooring would be a tad less than hardwood floor installation. Look wise both these floor materials are a class apart, though natural stones have a sophisticated look which is very unique and attractive. You also need to think whether which flooring would compliment your home design and interiors. Both these flooring options are good and widely used.

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