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Tips to polish hardwood floors, hardwood floorHardwood floors are extremely easy to polish and require much less maintenance for a long time. The most effective way to clean hardwood floors is using a damp mop. You must remove all the dust from the surface of the floor prior to mopping. You can use soft brooms to clean out the dust from the surface or a vacuum cleaner would be much more effective. The mopping process is easy as well; you mop, then rinse and repeat the process, that’s all. This way you can remove the dirt and grit from the hardwood floors. Besides, you get hardwood floor cleansers but using a neutral cleanser would suffice as it has a balanced level of pH level. You also need to make sure that the hardwood floor is sealed properly prior to mopping. Don’t use water in case there are worn out patches because the liquid might penetrate inside the wood.

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